Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishes for 2010

Here we are in 2010. What will the new year bring?

We're not even sure what to call it... Is it twenty-ten? Or two thousand and ten? Or 2K10? Or are there other versions? What did we call the last decade, the 00's? The Oughts? The Zeros? We are in the 21st Century, we know that much. It feels like a time of great transition. That's true for me personally, but it feels like it's also true for the whole world. Let's hope we continue to learn and grow and evolve into better human beings, living in a better world.

Wouldn't it be nice if more people believed in peace, and kindness, and compassion? Does that sound corny? Why is that? "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding" was a song written in the 1970's. But too many people still laugh at these ideas.

In some circles, it's cool to be tough, violent, hateful and mean. This seems pathetic and childish to me.

Can we make it cool to be smart, kind, generous and compassionate?

Can we stop making fun of people who are different than us? Because, let's face it, every single person you meet is different than you. Let's stop teaching that we're all alike, because then people seem shocked when people are different. Other than the fact that all humans need the basics like food, air and water, every single person you meet is different from you... physically, mentally, their experiences, their stories. Even your family members. Everyone is different. We can learn a lot from different peoples' different stories, if we just stop and listen, and stop being shocked by the differences. Let's embrace them. The world would be a boring place if everyone was just like you. Or me.

If you choose to hate someone because they're different from you, you'll be living a very hate-filled life, because you'll have to hate everybody. Maybe it makes you feel better about your insecure self for a short time, but there must be other, more positive ways to achieve that.

It's not cool or smart to be violent or hateful. It's dumb and childish.

That's my wish for 2010...
Let's make it cool to be smart and kind. Here's to peace, love, and understanding.