Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Plastiki's Pacific Voyage

Happy Earth Day! I've been following the Plastiki, on its voyage from San Francisco to Australia, bringing attention to the state of our environment and the oceans.

What's the Plastiki? How was it built? Who is on board? Where are they now? Get lots of information at their site:

This 60-foot catamaran was built of ecologically friendly materials, including the use of 12,000 recycled plastic bottles. The 6-person crew is headed by David de Rothschild and includes a filmmaker, who is recording the journey for National Geographic. But you can follow them right now, while the trip is happening, as they send back messages, photos and videos, while sailing across the Pacific. I have bookmarked their sites and keep checking on their progress.

Follow David de Rothschild's messages at
and messages from the crew at
and their photos at

Oprah even featured them on her Earth Day show today. I think what they're doing is cool, and they're calling it Adventure Ecology. For more of their adventures, go to